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  Complete rebuild or upgrade of your existing machine. We can re-work worn elements of your existing machine and add new controls to make old machinery perform like new.


  Many times newer components such as position readouts, linear bearings and special pneumatic devices can replace worn components to make a machine function better than it did when new. Old relay logic controls can be replaced with PLC based controls to increase reliability and production of the machine.







  Complete machine shop services for repair or manufacture of new components. Many times we can beat original equipment replacement parts cost or modify the design to increase functionality.

  In house services include welding and fabrication, milling, drilling, broaching, lathe work, grinding, heat treating, and gear hobbing. We also manufacture and repair drill heads for the woodworking industry.


  We do not perform automotive repairs, as we do not have the specialized equipment for engine work.







          We have a 15,000 Sq. Ft. facility with:


  • 1 Vertical Maching center, 3 axis

  • 1 21" x 80" CNC lathe

  • 4 Overhead cranes to build large machines

  • 5 Vertical mills and 1 Horizontal mill 15” x 33”

  • 3 Engine lathes 16” x 48”, "17 x 80"

  • 6 Drill presses

  • 2 Cylindrical grinders

  • 2 Small surface and face grinders

  • 1 Gear hob

  • 3 Arbor presses, up to 35 tons

  • 1 MIG Welder, 1 Oxy-Acetylene torch

  • 1 4’ Sheet metal shear

  • 1 4’ Sheet metal brake

  • 1 Sand blaster cabinet

  • 1 Chemical dip tank and rinse station

  • 1 Heat treat furnace

  • 1 Paint booth

  • 1 5000# Fork lift

  • 1 Cutoff saw

  • 1 24” Vertical band saw






  We have relationships with several vendors and other service providers that allows us to sub-contract work that is outside of our in-house capabilities. This allows us to provide a complete rebuild or manufacture service without our customers having to take on the responsibility of managing several vendors themselves.


  We offer a standard line of machines we have developed for the furniture industry.

We have been at the same location since 1968 and have custom built or rebuilt over 250 machines in the last 15 years! 

  We offer pick-up, delivery, and quick turn around services. We also offer off-site troubleshooting and repair.

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